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How are Estimates Calculated?

No two websites are alike, our estimates are based upon our experience, and the number of hours needed to complete a project. The amount of time required can vary according to:

  • the type of features required (such as content management system, e-commerce capability, blog, user accounts, etc),
  • the complexity of those features,
  • the number of design templates required (all pages look different vs. all pages look similar)
  • multilingualism and localisation
  • the amount of pages/data to be migrated
  • effects and animations, mobile device optimization
  • marketing, search engine optimization, social media
  • unknowns (integrity of data to be migrated, user workflow, backend report detail, etc)

Project Management and Quality Assurance

While building your website or creating your design package we
want to keep you "in the loop" at all times with regular communication.  That is why these items are calculated as a percentage of the cost (normally 20%): the larger/more complex the project, the more project management and QA will be required.

Our Recommendations

  1. Be as detailed as possible in your request (features, content, design).  Just saying "e-commerce website that looks like amazon" is too vague.

  2. Provide examples of functionalities and design that resemble what you are looking for.

Thanks in advance!


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